Complex systems by Ag Leader –
full range of precision farming techniques

In 1992, Ag Leader introduced the Yield Monitor 2000, the world’s first widely successful on-the-go yield monitor. It helped farmers understand the performance of their crops and fields, giving them the information they needed to make better management decisions.

Twenty years later, Ag Leader continues to be a pioneer and leading innovator in the precision farming industry, offering the most complete package of precision farming tools designed to work together seamlessly with any color of equipment.

– Al Myers, President of Ag Leader



GeoSteer™ – automated steering

GeoSteer™ - automated steering - antenna and moduleThe all-new GeoSteer™ automated steering system was designed for farmers looking for repeatable, sub-inch accuracy, making it ideal for planting, spraying and other field operations that require precise automated steering.

In the past, growers have had to choose between more expensive full-featured, high accuracy systems and simpler, more economical steering systems that may not have offered the features or level of accuracy they wanted. GeoSteer bridges that gap.

  • The single antenna design makes it easy to transfer the system from one vehicle to another.
  • An exclusive Flex Mode allows the GeoSteer system to continue operating for a period of time if the system temporarily loses the differential GPS signal.
  • The GeoSteer system integrates seamlessly with Ag Leader’s INTEGRA and VERSA in-cab displays, making setup quick and easy.
  • Built-in remote diagnostics and auto-calibration is easily accessible from the in-cab display.
  • GeoSteer’s remote service system allows dealer service technicians to access and diagnose the unit while the operator is in the field.



Assisted steering.

OnTrac2; assisted steering - the device OnTrac2+™ is a low-cost way of adding assisted steering of vehicles based on GPS navigation without interfering with hydraulics. It can be used with tractors, harvesters and other vehicles equipped with assisted steering. The system significantly improves steering precision and helps reduce operator fatigue.

  • quick and easy “Lock-n’-Roll”
  • easy transfer between vehicles
  • superior to friction-design steering systems – eliminates slippage
  • easy to engage/disengage from the display or optional foot switch
  • quiet operation


ParaDyme™ – automated steering

Logo ParaDyme

ParaDyme - automated stering - the device The most advanced farming equipment steering system based on the patented double antenna GPS module provides sub-inch accuracy. ParaDyme’s dual antenna featuring Logic 7D technology accurately measures vehicle pitch, roll and yaw, guaranteeing accuracy and repeatability even in uneven field conditions. These patented solutions allow working at minimal speed, which is impossible with traditional single antenna systems.


  • high accuracy even at lower speeds
  • constant information on vehicle pitch, roll and yaw even
  • remote help request directly from the device
  • can be used without a wheel angle sensor installed
  • auto-calibration mode
  • quick tool-free transfer
  • built-in GSM and RTK modules enable downloading correction signals


GPS displays:



VERSA™ Panel Updated alternative to EDGE. All of the most popular year-round precision tools – including guidance, auto-steering control, SeedCommand planting control, DirectCommand application control, yield monitoring and mapping – in one small package.


  • AutoSwath™
  • Hybrid/Variety Logging
  • Multiple Product Control
  • Variable Rate Planting
  • PWM, Hydraulic Servo Control (Case IH, John Deere, KINZE and White planters)
  • Rawson ACCU-RATE Direct Drive
  • Split-Planter Logging
  • Guidance
  • Autosteer
  • Air Seeder Support
  • Coverage Mapping
  • Data Logging
  • Liquid and Dry Product Application Control
  • Multiple Product Application (Liquid or Granular) – up to 3
  • Variable Rate Control
  • Closed Loop Spinner Speed Control
  • Strip-Till
  • Chemical Injection
  • Boom Height Control
  • External Switchbox
  • OEM Switch Input Support
  • Grain Harvest




INTEGRA™ panel As the name suggests, Integra is a display featuring all currently available precision farming solutions. The large, full-color 12.1″ HD touchscreen displays simultaneously multiple data and a navigation window. Integra is the most advanced device of this type.


All functions of VERSA™ plus:

  • Multiple Product Application (Liquid or Granular) – up to 5
  • Planter Population Monitoring
  • Advanced Seed Monitoring
  • Smart Report
  • OptRx Crop Sensors
  • Hybrid Background Map
  • Harvest Variety Tracking
  • Variety Maps




EDGE™ panel The most popular year-round precision tools in one device. Designed for those who want to save expenses using modern technology. Easy addition of new functions.


Main features:

Direct Command™

Logo Direct Command

Variable Rate Application of liquid and granular products.

Funkcja Direct Command VRA na wyświetlaczu DirectCommand offers complete control over liquid or granular applications, while at the same time logging data and providing real-time application mapping capabilities. The unique AutoSwath™ feature decreases overapplication – saving input costs.


Seed Command™

Logo Seed Command

VRP – variable rate planting

Funkcja Seed Command VRP na wyświetlaczu Variable Rate Planting function in EDGE, VERSA and INTEGRA displayes results in maximum use of the potential of areas across your fields. SeedCommand helps you manage all of your planting operations, including seed population, planter performance, hybrid/variety mapping, split planting and variable rates. The VRP system reduces overapplication to minimum. The most comprehensive solution for precise planting.


Hybrid/variety mapping

The HVM system in EDGE, VERSA and INTEGRA displays enables automatic and precise recording of areas planted. It is possible even to record which sections planted particular varieties. This data can later be compared with data from yield monitoring performed during harvest. Information gathered proves very useful when planning seeding and planting in following years.


Norac UC5™

Boom height control

The EDGE, VERSA and INTEGRA displays feature complete support of the Norac UC5™ boom height control system – ensuring ideal crop coverage without drift or wasted product. This system enables variable rate application of multiple liquid products depending on characteristics of given areas.

Other functionality:

Additionally, the AutoSwath™ function reduces the risk of overapplication. The display software automatically controls the boom depending on the height of soil, plants and the stubble. This results in reduced operator fatigue, saves time and secures plants and the boom from possible damage.



Variable nitrogen rate application.

Funkcja zmiennego dawkowania azotu OptRx - zasada działania OptRx crop sensors measure and record data about crops in real-time using the reflectance of light shined on the growing plants. The OptRx crop sensor helps growers apply nitrogen based on crop vigor. The data is logged and mapped to be used in further analysis – or for real-time variable rate applications – in both corn and wheat production.


Yield and moisture monitoring

Yield and moisture monitoring on the screen Sensors installed on the harvester allow us to collect information about yield and moisture in any area of fields. Data is recorded during harvest on the variety map generated during planting. Apart from yield and moisture, Ag Leader systems can monitor numerous. harvester parameters.


SMS™ – farm management software

Logo SMS

SMS software offers:

Guidance planning

  • create A-B lines and archive them for future use
  • import/export guidance lines to and from multiple brands of guidance systems
  • print Maps, Charts and Reports
  • print your harvest, planting, spraying and other maps to share with others
  • build charts and reports to show acres planted, planting/harvest dates, bags
    planted and total harvest production

Create Prescriptions

Generate simple variable rate prescriptions for seed or liquid or granular applications based on yield history, soil test results or any other map.

Query Tools

Overlay yield maps with other field operations to determine how field activities affected yield across the field.

Government Reporting

Create reports and maps that can be generated to satisfy government reporting needs.

Simple Expense/Income Entries

Easily track operation expenses and incomes which can be included in financial reports and print layouts.


More details:

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