Nozzles, jest and caps
by Billericay Farm Services (BFS)


About BFS

For over sixty years BFS has been serving the agricultural and horticultural industry by manufacturing and supplying them with liquid fertilisers. As the original inventor of Air Inclusion Spray Nozzles, BFS also manufacture the award winning Air Bubble Jet.

Every BFS product is built on a foundation of practical field research and interaction between BFS and agrochemical manufacturers, OEMs and national advisory institutions worldwide. Every one is the result of sophisticated engineering and controlled manufacturing processes. And every one builds on the experience and information gained from its predecessors.

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Air Bubble Jets

Award winning, internationally renowned and industry leading range of air induction nozzles. Manufactured in Britain, these precision made LERAP 3 star rated nozzles are suitable for most sprayers including VLV, HV applications and knapsacks. Ten nozzle variations are available with application rates ranging from 20–905 litres per hectare.

  • They make the spraying activity safer for the operator
  • The sprayed pesticide is more likely to hit the spot and stay there

BFS Air Bubble Jets

Research indicates that when using air induction nozzles, spray drift can be reduced by an impressive 50 to 70%; reducing the risk to operators and the environment by reducing exposure to the pesticide from spray drift. It also means that more pesticide reaches the target surface and – because the designed drops incorporate air which cushions the drops on landing –these drops are more likely to remain on the target surface. Spray drops emitted using conventional nozzles however, are less likely to remain on the target surface as they bounce or run off thus air bubble jets are more likely to help you gain improved control in a safer manner!

– Stewardship Community,
“2 Very Good Reasons to use Air Induction Nozzles…”

How does it work?

  1. The liquid being sprayed passes through a removable tapered nozzle (A) which accelerates the liquid and projects the flow into the tapered opening of the venturi (B).
  2. This creates a vacuum that causes air to be sucked in through the slots marked (C).
  3. The mixture of air and liquid is compressed as it passes through the mixing chamber (D) and is then sprayed through the fan nozzle (E).
  4. The emitted spray contains large droplets filled with air bubbles but virtually no fine drift prone droplets. The droplets explode on impact with the target to produce similar coverage to conventional finer sprays.

BFS Air Bubble Jets



BFS BoominatorA superb range of Boomless Sprayer nozzles, precision manufactured in stainless steel that carry a 3 year warranty. Three pattern types are available in a range of sizes. Heavy droplets reduce drift and improve crop / foliage penetration.

Ideal for spraying:

  • around obstacles and over uneven terrain,
  • fence lines,
  • roadside banking,
  • difficult to access areas,
  • de-icing roads,
  • pavements,
  • runways and car parks,
  • aquatic weed control on lakes and reservoirs.

Pattern types:

A blue quarter of an oval shape Short pattern: Recommended operating height of 45-90cm. Designed for either left or right hand mounting and provide an outward to downward spray pattern.

Two quarters (red and blue) of an oval shape next to each otherRegular Pattern: Recommended operating height of 45-120cm. Designed for left or right hand mounting and provides a wide spray pattern.

A blue half of an oval shapeFull pattern: Recommended operating height of 45-120cm. Designed for full left and right hand spray pattern from a single, centrally mounted nozzle.

More information:

See BFS Boominator catalogue [PDF, 4,5mb]

Tip Cap (plastic and ceramic)

These one-piece moulded nozzles are compatible with “US style” bayonet fittings. Easy to clean and change. Pressure operating range 2–4 bar. The nozzles can have a plastic or ceramic tip.

Tip Caps with ceramic tips
Tip Caps with plastic tips


Twin Cap

Twin Cap for Billericay Air Bubble JetsThe Twin Cap with US style bayonet fitting, designed specifically for the Air Bubble Jets, gives forward and backward-facing angles to improve spray penetration. Enabling faster speeds, higher volumes and increased crop penetration. Also suitable for use with standard flat fan nozzles.


Angled Cap (with washer):

Offers the operator the benefit of angling the spray 30°, forwards or backwards along the spray boom whilst using their existing 8mm air induction or flat fan nozzles. Angled caps eliminate the need to purchase expensive replacement nozzles.

Angled Cap
Angled Cap

Improving performance:

  • Flexible: Used with all standard 8 mm nozzles
  • Accurate: Provides a 30° angled spray
  • Versatile: Universal EF3 and US style bayonet fitting
  • Practical: Easy to fit, exchange and remove
  • Durable: Chemical resistant and long lasting
  • Economical: Less than half the price of angled nozzles

See Angled Caps brochure [PDF]


Standard 110° Flat Fan

Conventional flat fan (110°) nozzles ideal for the overall spray application of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and growth regulators. Moulded in polyacetal and colour coded to ISO guidelines.
Standard 110° Flat Fans


Standard Caps

Standard 8mm Nozzle Cap and washer.

Standard 8mm cap



Also available is a wide range of spraying washers, nozzle filters and fittings.



click to zoom:

Boominator: full pattern spray nozzles

Boominator: short pattern spray nozzle

Boominator: ATV mounted sprayer with 2 regular pattern nozzles

Boominator: ATV mounted sprayer with 2 regular pattern nozzles

Angled caps in action

Air Bubble Jet - green

Air Bubble Jet - yellow

Air Bubble Jet - orange

Air Bubble Jet - red

Air Bubble Jet - brown

Air Bubble Jet - grey

Air Bubble Jet - blue

Air Bubble Jet - pink

Standard 110° Flat Fans

Standard Cap - green

Standard Cap - green

Standard Cap - yellow

Standard Cap - yellow

Standard Cap - lilac

Standard Cap - lilac

Standard Cap - red

Standard Cap - red