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Trimble EZ-Guide 250 parallel tracking systemWe’re currently offering used Trimble EZ-Guide parallel tracking systems for a very sharp price. Contact us for more details.

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Complex GPS systems
Precision farming solutions by Ag Leader: control panels / GPS, variable rate application of seed, fertilizers, liquids and nitrogen, boom height control, yield monitoring, automatic swath control, farm management software and other.

Field GPS navigation
G6 FarmNavigator is the most versatile device for parallel, contour and tramline navigation and spray boom section control.

Seeders, sprayers, etc.
Wide range of agricultural equipment by Amazone for precision farming.

Nozzles, jets and caps
We're distributors of BFS (Billericay Farm Service) products – a whole range of spray accessories, nozzles, jets and caps.

Calcium fertilizers
Dolomite, fertilizer and granulated chalk and microelements by Omya.

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Billericay Farm Services

Nozzles, jets, caps and accessories from a renown british brand


Precise and simple automated steering system


The most advanced farm machines steering system